Koma Ranch School Parents to withdraw all their children from the school

Parents at Koma Ranch Primary School in Matungulu have called on the Ministry of Education to intervene and help them failure to which they will withdraw their kids from the school.

Speaking to Mauvoo News the agitated parents alleged that the school head was asking for 30,000 from every new student that was being admitted to the school and it was shocking to them as the school was a public school and the government was offering free primary education.

The parents further claimed that the headteacher Madam Augustine Mawathe was rude to them and their children upon enquiry on the levies that were being asked as the parents became suspicious because the money they were being asked to give to the school did not have a receipt to show that they have paid.

“Since this headteacher came to this school life has been hard for us parents every now and then we are being asked to give money to pay for extracurricular activities, tuition and the worst of it all is being asked to pay 30,000 as a new parent to be admitted,” said one of the parents.

“When we ask what the money that we are paying is meant for, the woman is very rude to us, she insults us and our children as we speak now my child is at home and I fear taking him back because he was threatened by the headteacher. That woman is rude and it’s either she goes or we withdraw our kids from the school,” another agitated parent added.

Mauvoo News spoke to the headteacher madam Mawathe who denied the allegations saying that a few parents were the ones who were causing mayhem but the school was running well. Mawathe further noted that the parents that were airing the allegations were the ones who were not in support of the schools’ growth in terms of development.

“Not everybody will want development and this school we have brought it from far, we have 800 to 900 students, why are these few parents trying to tarnish the name of our school,” she said.

“Everyone has a challenge, there is no money the economy is not doing well. You come and explain your challenge and there is no parent that has ever come to the school and failed to be attended to unless it is something I cannot do,” Mawathe went on.

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