Yumbisye Secondary Parents Demand Transfer of Principal After 252 Candidates Got Below C- in KCSE

Parents of Yumbisye Secondary School in Wikililye, Kitui Central marched to the streets to demand the transfer of the Chief Principal in the school. The parents revealed that they went to the office of the Teachers Service Commission to air the claims.

They claimed that Elizabeth Chege the school principal is to blame for the poor performance of the school and has been adamant to listen to the parents. They alleged that the TSC Director told them that he won’t transfer the Principal anytime soon. They further claimed that the school performance has been dropping ever since the principal came there.

“The current principal came from a big school but she has no experience to lead our school. This is due to the big population and we need someone who understands what she is doing. Parents have been pushing us because they say the Principal is not respecting them, is not strict to the students, and has been demanding for Zero fee balance yet there is no money,” Paul Kitemange the PTA Chairman stated.

He also added that the principal has been sending the students for school fees regularly and that has contributed to poor performance since the students can’t settle down to study.

Kitemange further added that most of the time she is not around the school and in 2021 KCSE out of 278 candidates only 11 candidates got C+ and above, 6 with C constant, and 252 candidates got C- and below.

“The parents now ask where they will take their failed children while the principal is not even concerned about the situation and she is known for dividing the teachers, parents, and the board and as you know when a family is divided nothing good can be seen and that’s why we want her transferred,” Kitemange added.

Sophia Mueni a parent at the school lamented that the school has been the best day school in Kitui and produced all-around students but after Madam Chege came everything changed.

” Since this school was started by the late principal Musau followed by Baraka Kasoa and then Principal Mwalili, Yumbisye has been a mega school and was almost being promoted to a status of a provincial school. But after this woman came here everything has been going down. This school has never got any D and that’s why we want another performing principal who will help the students and teachers,” Mueni said.

The parents stated that they will withdraw their children if the principal is not transferred to another school.

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