2 Children Burn Beyond Recognition In Matungulu fire incident

2 children aged 4 years and 20 months have burned beyond recognition at a fire incident in Kwa Mutalia in Matungulu – Machakos County.

Confirming the incident Matungulu Division Assistant County Commissioner Gerald Omoke said that the mother had left the house at 5.30 am to take her two children to school and left the other two sleeping.

He noted that the woman had left a “koroboi” on which they suspect would have been the cause of the fire and when the lady came back she found the house on fire.

Neighbors helped in rescuing the kids but they could not manage to rescue them as the fire had already spread.

“We have had a fire incident today in the morning where 2 children aged 4 years and 20 months have succumbed to death, it is an incident where the parent had left the house at 5.30 am to take some of her children to school and by bad luck, there was a candlelight known as “koroboi” and it burst causing the fire,” Omoke said.

“It’s an accident we thought it could have been avoided because the mother has been taking the other two to school but when she came back she found the fire had spread all over,” he added.

The mother was rushed to hospital after sustaining burn injuries while trying to salvage her property and rescue the kids. The bodies of the two children were taken by the police to Kangundo Level 4 hospital mortuary for preservation.

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