Agony for Kangundo family as 6 children die from strange illnesses, remaining 4 unwell

A family in Kithini village, Kakuyuni, Kangundo – Machakos County is in pains after 6 children from the family developed strange illnesses and died in different dates.

Mauvoo News paid a visit to the family and found that the remaining 4 children one had become blind, another barks like a dog, the third had gone mad while the last one had become epileptic.

The mother of the 4 Monica Wavinya who is the family bread winner said that since the ailments of her children began, she got diabetes and high blood pressure. She appealed for help from well-wishers saying that now she has a broken arm she cannot work to fend for her own.

“As you have heard I have diabetes, blood pressure and my arm is broken and I am the sole breadwinner of this family. I have been doing odd jobs to fend for my children but now am not able, am just appealing to well wishers and the government to assist because now I don’t know what to do,” she narrated as tears flowed.

According to her grandson who is also epileptic and who dropped school at class 7, since his mother died of unknown illness he came home to stay with his grandmother and help in maintaining his stray uncles as well as help his grandmother with household chores.

“When my mum died I was left with my grandma, while helping her around in ensuring my uncles don’t go astray and household chores. I dropped out of school due to lack of fees, all I am asking for is help,” he said.

The family’s house is almost falling and has been supported with sticks while food for them is a nightmare given that their mother who is the sole breadwinner is ailing.

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