Top 25 Lower Eastern Schools in KCSE 2022

Following the release of the 2022 KCSE Results, here is a ranking of the Top 25 schools in Lower Eastern (Ukambani).

Matinyani Boys Secondary school topped Lower Eastern with a historic mean of 9.942. Out of the 240 candidates, 35 got A-, 156 a B plus, and 49 a B constant. All candidates will transition to the university.

Kitui School – the only Boys’ National School in Kitui got a mean of 9.312 and was second in the region. The school had 199 candidates. 5 got A plain, 42 A-, 48 B+, 50 B plain, 29 B- ,19 C+, and 6 C plain.

Kathiani Girls a National school registered a mean score of 9.1 and was third with 164 students out of 170 proceeding to the University.

Mbooni Girls came fourth in Lower Eastern with a mean score of 8.9. The school had 2 A plain, 30 A-, 57 B+, 46 B plain, 33 B-, and 4 C minus.

Makueni Boys High School was position 5 with a mean of 8.399. 2 Students had an A constant, 26 A Minus, 52 B Plus, 61 B constant, 91 B minus, 55 C Plus, 18 C constant, 10 C minus, and 1 D plus.

St. Charles Lwanga Kitui was position six in Lower Eastern with a mean of 8.18 and a transition of 85.86 percent to the university. Out of an entry of 198, 10 candidates got an A-, 34 B+, 41 B con, 47 B-, 38 C+, 19 C constant, 8 C-, and 1 D plus.

Muthale Girls was position seven with a mean of 8.110. Five candidates got an A plain, 16 got an A-, 40 got a B plus, 56 got a B plain, 60 had a B minus, 54 got a C plus, 34 got a C constant, 13 got a C minus, and 3 got a D plus.

Machakos Boys with 372 Candidates was position eight with a mean of 8.0081. One student had A constant, 20 A minus, 58 B plus, 77 B constant, 77 B minus, 67 C plus, 42 C constant, 19 C minus, 9 D plus and 2 D constant.

Kisasi Boys Kitui was position nine with a mean of 7.965. 4 students had A-, 20 B plus, 40 B constant, 84 B minus, 60 C plus, 17 C constant, and 2 C minus.

Precious Blood Kilungu closed the list of top 10 with a mean of 7.92. The first four students got A- while 21 had B+, 34 had a B plain, 55 B-, 50 C+, 24 C constant, 3 C- and the last student managed a D+.

Kyangondu Mixed was in position 11 with a mean of 7.905. 1 student had A minus, 15 B plus, 34 B constant, 53 B minus, 49 C plus and 17 C constant.

Caring Hearts Matungulu was in position 12 with a mean of 7.76. 2 of their students got A minus,5 B plus, 8 B constant, 14 B minus,11 C plus, 6 C constant,3 C minus, and One D plus.

St. Joseph Girls Kibwezi was in position 13 and had a mean of 7.48 in KCSE 2022. 9 candidates had A minus, 13 B plus, 38 B constant, 55 B minus, 70 C plus, 56 C constant, 7 C minus, 3 D plus and one D constant.

St. Francis Misyani Girls in Kangundo had a mean score of 7.48 and was in position 14. One candidate had an A constant and 2 got an A minus. 9 got B plus, 16 B constant, 40 B minus,36 C plus, 30 C constant, and 7 C minus.

Mwaani Girls was in position 15 with a mean of 7.209 and Kavingoni Secondary Kathonzweni was in position 16 with a mean of. 7.181

Kisau Girls was in position 17 with a mean of 7.165. The first ten students scored B+, 30 students got a B plain while 61 got a B-. 82 managed a C+ while 49 had a C plain.

Machakos Girls was in position 18 and had 254 candidates with a mean of 7.14. The school had 5 A minus, 12 B plus, 29 B constant, 58 B minus, 57 C plus, 61 C constant, 24 C minus and 8 D plus.

Makueni Girls was in position 19 with 247 candidates having a mean of 7.102 an improvement of 6.74 from 2021 KCSE. One student scored A constant, 7 B plus, 32 B constant, 48 B minus, 71 C plus, 67 C constant, 15 C minus, 4 D plus, and 1 D constant.

Kaumoní Boys High School closed the list of top 20 with a mean of 7.065.

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Kitondo Boys had a mean of 7.04 and was position 21, the top student had an A-. 8 students had B+ while 14 students had a B plain, 24 Students got a B minus, 46 C+, 31 students got a C constant, 15 scored C- while the last five students had D+.

Our Lady of Assumption Tawa was in position 22 with a mean of 7.02.

St. Michael Kabaa in Mwala was in position 23 with a mean of 6.98. One student had an A minus, 7 B plus, 26 B constant, 27 B minus, 30 C plus, 48 C constant, 25 C minus, 2 D plus and 1 D constant.

St. Angela’s Girls’ school in Kitui Central was in position 24 with a mean of 6.935. Out of the 200 candidates, 3 got a B plus, 29 got a B constant, 39 had a B minus, 51 got a C plus, 46 had a C constant, 25 got a C minus while 5 got a D+, and 2 got a D constant.

Mbooni Boys improved to 6.5 mean and was in position 25. The school had 363 candidates. 5 scored A minus, 13 B plus, 35 B constant, 48 B minus, 65 C plus, 86 C constantt, 60 C minus, 39 D plus, 10 D constant, 1 D minus, and 1 E.

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