Kitui County Doctors issue 14-Day Strike notice

Doctors from Kitui County have issued a 14-day strike notice over what they termed as “labor injustices”. They contended that the county must address its problems by February 7, 2024, to prevent service interruptions.

The Doctors held discussions with Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Union (KMPDU) officials. They expressed their worries about labor exploitation, career stagnation, and broken promises, which led them to decide to go on strike.

KMPDU Secretary General Dr. Davji Atellah influenced the decision to firmly issue the 14-day warning. He emphasized the negative impact on doctors’ well-being, including the possibility of depression. Chronic problems affecting their effectiveness at work were the focus of discussion at the meeting.

“In response, a resolute decision was made, issuing a 14-day strike notice. This powerful stand against labor injustices is a testament to our unwavering commitment. As we navigate towards a better future, solidarity remains our anchor,” Atellah said in the press conference.

Along with National Deputy Chairperson Dr. Kahura Mundia and Deputy Secretary General Dr. Dennis Miskellah, there were representatives from the Lower Eastern branch, including Drs. Charles Okumu, Edwin Muriithi, Edward Kamolo, and CLO Dr. Khamis Suleiman.

Physicians discussed their accounts of labor exploitation, which included years of staff shortages, fatigue, and career stagnation brought on by delayed career growth and promotions. The county government administration faced criticism for breaking promises and denying postgraduate study leaves, raising concerns among stakeholders.

Dr. Atellah emphasized the need to halt the mistreatment of doctors. In addition, he underlined the necessity of ending abuse and the significance of abiding by the Employment Act, the 2017 CBA, and other labor laws.

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