Life and times of Kamba speaking Jabssi Singh ‘Kitundumo’

Following the death of Sardar Jagjit Singh (Jabssi Singh) locally known as Kitundumo who was a Makindu Sikh Temple priest last evening, the news met those who knew him with shock.

He passed on Saturday evening while receiving treatment in Makindu Hospital. Jabssi Singh was born in 1973 in Makindu. He schooled at Ngukuni Primary and later Chyeni Secondary.

His grandfather Sardar Kartar Singh first came to Kenya in 1918 to work as a station master at Makindu. Jabssi’s father Sardar Santokh Singh was also born in Makindu.

His family was the only Sikh family living in Makindu, close to Gurdwara Sahib Makindu. The Gurdwara is Kenya’s oldest Gurdwara and attracts thousands of interfaith visitors every year from around the world. Jabssi has been availing himself for selfless service that includes helping the less fortunate and feeding travelers for free.

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His transformation from a clean-shaven to an Amritdhari Sikh was an inspiring journey that saw him grow in Sikhi to the point of even serving in many spiritual services at Gurdwara Makindu Sahib and even as one of the Punj Pyare during Vaisakhi commemorations there.

In 2019 he made headlines when he introduced himself in a viral clip in fluent kamba saying that he normally listens to Mwatu FM, and especially to presenter Peter Ndambuki, because he brings a lot of news from Makueni.

Here are some condolence messages following his demise;

Khamsi graphics said, “In the blink of an eye, you were taken from us. Your absence is felt deeply, but your spirit will always shine. REST EASY MR.”

Gabriel Kituku Steves said, “Rest in Power my friend and Makindu Sikh Temple Priest Jabssi Singh popularly known as Kîtundumo by the locals. Received news of your demise earlier today with shock and disbelief but what do I say, your works of bringing people together and care for the less fortunate in society lives on.”

Former Presidential Aspirant Nazlin Umar said, “Oh no. What am I seeing? My dear dear friend, brother, and die-hard supporter Giani Jabssi Singh is no more. Always laughing. He was a Sikh Priest and had dedicated a lot of time to orphans and the needy, especially around Makindu/Ukambani regions. My heartfelt condolences to his family and Temple. Big loss to the communities he serves.”

Evans Ndambuki said, “A very jovial and social man, always happy and very accommodating. RIP Jabsi Singh.”

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