Kasolo in tears narrating life and times of Grandma Mukwenze during her burial

Kasolo giving tribute at the burial of Damaris Kitheka. (Photo -SCB)
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Kasolo’s grandmother Damaris Kitheka popularly known as Mukwenze was laid to rest Saturday in an emotional burial in Katulani sub-county, Kitui County attended by friends, musicians, and relatives.

Kasolo gave his tribute to the grandma and narrated their journey through life since when he was young.

According to the singer, Their friendship started when Kasolo’s late mother died while he was a small boy, and while Kasolo in high school, Kasolo realized that Mukwenze worked as a house help. It pained him to see his grandmother struggle and prayed to God that whenever he becomes successful he would help her.

On 6th June 2019, Kasolo said that he Mukwenze to Nairobi and he took her to hospital and was treated and started getting more healthier and stayed in his place. At the time doctors said she suffered from Typhoid.

Later on, She was diagnosed with heart disease where she was required to use a pacemaker worth 500,000 and Kasolo opted for well-wishers to raise the money.

“I don’t want anyone’s approval about Mukwenze, only God and Mukwenze know.” Kasolo narrated how at some point he wanted to sell a car he bought for her daughter to raise money to treat Mukwenze.

Before her death, on Saturday last week but one Mukwenze complained that she was unwell and called Kikuli (uncle to Kasolo) and informed him she was going to die and should not announce the news to Kasolo who had traveled to Makueni.

“I and Mukwenze no one could separate us except death”, Kasolo said, ” This is a wedding, let people sing, I have cried enough for you my love.” The singer went on.#

On the fateful day of Mukwenze’s death, Kasolo was woken up by his house help around 4 am who told him that Mukwenze was calling him. He told her (Mukwenze) that he will take her to the hospital and upon arrival at Sinai Hospital, at the bed, she breathed her last breath.

“Mukwenze told me to love my family and forgive my enemies but the only person who Mukwenze lamented about was Fortune Mwikali.”, Kasolo said.

He also alleged that he sought to reconcile the two but Mwikali refused. “I forgive Fortune, let her come we pray and talk, but I don’t know who will make Mukwenze forgive you.”

In April, In a YouTube video, Kasolo’s grandma decried that Fortune Mwikali really wronged her and it was very difficult to forgive her noting that it had hit her in her heart and it would not leave that easily.

The singer also revealed that they had a lot of secrets together and he urged his aunt and uncle to live in peace and love just the way Mukwenze taught them promising to support them the way he supported Mukwenze.

When his grandmother was alive, Kasolo was very close to her. He featured her in some of his music videos, and considering her advanced age, she became a celebrity on social media.

Kamba musicians led by Wilberforce Musyoka, Justina Syokau 2020, Japheth Kasanga, Kenny Bizzoh among others entertained mourners with song and dance and helped ease the pain of loss.

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