Kasolo’s grandma cries after remarks by Fortune Mwikali she brings Kasolo money


Stephen Kasolo’s grandma got emotional while reacting to remarks allegedly made by Gospel Singer Fortune Mwikali that she is the one who brings money and fortune to Kasolo.

In a YouTube video, the grandma decries that Fortune really wronged her and it was very difficult to forgive her noting that it had hit her in her heart and it would not leave that easily.

“When I got the message that Fortune said I am the one who brings Kasolo money, I wept and cried bitter tears. I was with that child (Fortune) at Kasolo’s home and didn’t know she could speak such words. We spoke like adults.” Kasolo’s grandma said.

” That child (Fortune) has really wronged me after saying I bring money to Stephen yet I’m aged. Stephen does not have ‘Majini’. I don’t know if my life will forgive her yet she spoke ill of me.” She went on as Kasolo begged her not to curse Fortune but to Forgive her.

The granny said that unless Fortune Mwikali kneels before her to ask for forgiveness and then she spits on her as a way to bless her, She would remain unforgiven.

Kasolo in the video displays where a pacemaker machine was put in Mukwenze’s heart because of her medical condition.

“My grandmother is suffering. Where the machine is put at times it swells especially when it is cold. And you hear someone saying it is her who brings me money. That is a curse.” Kasolo said.

Last week after what seemed was a disagreement, Singer Fortune Mwikali went to social media alleging that Kasolo was broke and borrowed money from her and that his grandmother is the one who brings him money.

In a rejoinder, Kasolo who seemed angry hit the singer below the belt alleging that she made advances to him and was allegedly using witchcraft to sustain her music career and try to draw Kasolo to her among other allegations.

Kasolo later took to Facebook to apologize, blaming short temperedness over the alleged insults and asking fans to pray for him so that he overcomes that.

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