Mike Mteja’s song dissing Katombi removed from YouTube

Controversial Kamba artist, Mike Mteja released a song dismissing Benga Artist Alex Katombi’s latest song Simba (Lion).

In the song titled ‘Munyambu kana Kavaka’ (A Lion or a Cat?) Mike Mteja dissed Katombi saying that he should not call himself a Lion because he can’t match a Lion. The removal request for the song from YouTube was issued by Alex Kasau Katombi over claims of using the Simba content in the entire video.

In the song, Mike Mteja says that Katombi has now dropped the ‘Bazu’ title that he used to call himself and now he wants people to start calling him ‘Simba’. Mteja wondered whether even his body could match that of a Cheetah let alone the body of a Lion.

“He can’t even be like a lion or a dog, we can instead call him a cat because his body size is that of a cat. You don’t wake up and just tell people to call you other people’s names,” Mteja said in part of the song (translated).

Mike Mteja also pointed out that Katombi has been consistently mentioning Gospel Artist Stephen Kasolo’s name often meaning that he has been overpowered by the gospel artist.

Below are some of the reactions to Mike Mteja’s move;

Nicholas Fabrito said,” This is the lion of Ukambani together with the likes of Kativui and Maima. You don’t know what you are chasing, you are going to get lost.”

Felistus Mulatya said, “You don’t have any material, why are you waiting for him to sing so that you can take the material from him and sing yet you despise him?

Jay Baibe said, “You deserve that, ‘imba vitu vyako na huache kutembelea majina za watu kenge wewe hauna lolote wala chochote! Unangojea mtu atoe wimbo ndo uimbe upuuzi wako?”

Daniel Munyao said,” Mteja can’t get clean content, he just waits for Bazu and other scandals for him to realese the songs.”

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