Bisengo responds to Katombi after he deleted Sam the Guitar Boy’s ‘Nduanyo sya aini’ song

Producer Toby Bisengo reacted to Kamba Benga gospel artist Alex Kasau Katombi’s move to delete the ‘Nduanyo sya aini’ song by Sam the Guitar Boy from his YouTube channel.

The song which was praising Ken Kijana popularly known as ‘Ndeke ya Muthanga’ was removed due to copyright claims that Sam the Guitar Boy used Katomb’s beat from his (Katombi) ‘Nduanyo’ song.

Bisengo posted on his Facebook page pointed out that the senior artists should not discourage the upcoming artists from doing cover songs since this is a way of encouraging them to be more creative.

“Sorry Guiter Boy for what you passed through, this is one of the tests you need to pass through the music journey for you to persevere. I have no beef with Bazuu, we are in totally different leagues but what he did was totally wrong, ” Bisengo said.

Bisengo pointed out that the young man is an upcoming artist because he was only playing guitar but now he has decided to start singing and started to appreciate one of his friends(Ken Kijana) and decided that because he loves Katombi songs, he will use beats from his song.

“He is just innocent, what he could have done was to consult Katombi before he used the copyrighted beat. He might have tried to reach on him but I understand some of these senior artists can be unreachable sometimes. Like for me if I’m on top I don’t need to demean those below me, I should be supporting them,” Bisengo stated.

He said that moving forward if artists find that other upcoming artists may have used their beat or altered their beat knowingly or unknowingly, they should call them to inquire whether they are aware that is copyright infringement because some of the upcoming artists are innocent and don’t know anything to do with copyright claims.

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“Some of them are innocent, if one accepts that it’s true they have used your beat unknowingly, they can call them to their studios or offices to guide them on how to do it next time. There is no need to strike someone, it is good to warn them first because they are young, and not informed. Bazuu should have just called the innocent boy and seen how he could mentor the young boy because he had acknowledged that he loves his songs,” Bisengo added

Clarifying why he used the beat, Sam the Guitar Boy said that he likes the songs from Katombi and what he did was he sang the song as a cover song of the original Nduanyo Song.

“I love his songs and that’s why I decided to sing the cover song to my brother Ndeke who has been facing backlash from his fellow gospel artists. I didn’t mean to copyright Katombi’s songs, I even decided to reach out to him but all was in vain,” Sam said in one of the interviews.

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