Myello speaks on why he had pulled down Katombi’s Ataiwe Song

Gospel Artist Justus Myello has revealed why he was forced to pull down the Ataiwe song from YouTube.

Speaking to Rick Be TV, Myello said that he respects Katombi and that nothing personal made him think of deleting his songs from YouTube. He pointed out that he doesn’t have any grudge with him and they are good friends.

“I’m the one who pulled the song from YouTube, you know I’m not mad, I pulled them for a reason since I respect Alex Kasau Katombi and his band. All the artists are our clients in TV and Radio where I work so we can’t fail to involve them, it was nothing personal,” Myello stated.

The gospel artist disclosed that he met with Katombi to put everything in order adding that Katombi had not copyrighted his song but his name (Myello). He also pointed out that his name is licensed and that’s why the song was pulled down then they met to discuss the way forward.

“In music what is copyrighted is the tune, but for this case, he only mentioned my name ‘Myello’ which appears on my national identification card. My name is also licensed that’s why I wanted it to get personal and I felt that he mentioned our names together with Kasolo and other gospel artists. I wanted it to be a lesson to other artists who tarnish other people’s names yet we have an image or name to protect,” Myello said.

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Myello on why he was prompted to delete the song, pointed out that he was angered by Katombi’s fans who mocked him after the song instead of telling him that it was just a song. He added that Katombi’s fans dared him thinking that he (Katombi) was unstoppable provoking him to take action.

“That was just a small matter but his fans who thought that he was unstoppable angered me and that’s why you have seen him tell them to stop attacking me or Kasolo. If you don’t have anything positive to comment on the song which I truly comment is a hit song, just say it is a banger instead of coming to my page or Kasolo’s page to create a conflict between us,” He added.

He further said that there is no bad blood between him and Katombi as they have worked on so many projects together. He also said that he is a big fan of his music and Katombi knows that.

“I don’t have any issue with him, I have worked with him for a long time, especially on road shows and our night events, recently I was with him during Akamba Night in Kitui. We are good friends, I told him I’m his fan and actually he knows that his fans were the problem,” he went on.

He also revealed that there were outside forces from his family and friends to pull down the song from the comments and that’s why he had to pull it. Myello reiterated that the song is good and speaks the truth about the gospel artists, he agreed that in the past there have been issues in the ministry. He called upon the people to pray for those mentioned there instead of ganging against them or criticizing them urging the Kamba Community not to gang against each other. The two met, talked, and agreed to bury the hatchet and the song was later uploaded back on YouTube.

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