Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association 2024 Term One Games fixtures

The Brookside Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association (KSSSA) National Term One Games 2024 are scheduled to take place from April 6th to April 14th, 2024. Hosted by Machakos Boys and Girls schools, the championship promises a thrilling showcase of talent across various sporting categories.

With the national draws and pooling for the tournament announced, The event will feature Athletics, Basketball (5 on 5), Hockey, Cross Country, Handball, Rugby 15’s, and Swimming, showcasing the athletic prowess of young talents from secondary schools across.

In the Basketball Girls Pool A, we will have teams from Central, Western, Nairobi, and Nyanza locking it out. In Pool B Rift Valley, Coast, North Eastern, and Eastern will showcase their prowess. For Basketball Boys in Pool A teams from Eastern, Rift Valley, North Eastern, and Nairobi battling it out. Pool B has Nyanza, Central, Coast, and Western.

In the Handball Girls category Pool A teams from Coast, Nairobi, Eastern, and Western will showcase their dominance with Pool B having teams from Nyanza, Rift Valley, Central, and North Eastern. While the Handball Boys categories Pool A will have teams from Western, Nairobi, Central, and North Eastern. Pool B includes teams from Nyanza, Coast, Eastern, and Rift Valley.

For Hockey Girls Pool A teams from Eastern 1, Nyanza, and Western battling it out. Pool B will have from Eastern 2, Rift Valley, and Coast eyeing the championship. Hockey Boys Pool A will see teams from Eastern 1, Coast, and Nairobi ripping each other out for the championship. Pool B teams Eastern 2, Rift Valley, and Central will also showcase their talent in the field.

Lastly, Rugby 15’s Pool A will have teams from Eastern 1, Western, Rift Valley, and Nyanza locking horns. Pool B will have Eastern 2, Coast, Nairobi, and Central.

As for the venues of the competition, the Handball games will be hosted at Machakos Boys, Basketball, Rugby 15’s and Swimming games played from Machakos Boys and Hockey played from Machakos College.

With top facilities and an electrifying atmosphere, the Brookside KSSSA National Term One Games 2024 promises to be a celebration of sportsmanship. As young athletes vie for glory for their schools and regions.

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