Makueni County Secondary School Term 1 Games fixtures

Excitement is building up for the commencement of the Makueni County Secondary School Games Term 1 to be held from Tuesday, 12th-15th March at Kathwonzeni Boys’ grounds, makueni.

Ahead of the highly anticipated event, the sub-county pooling has been released, setting the stage for intense competition across various sporting disciplines.

In Basketball boys, Pool A will feature teams from Mbooni West, Kibwezi, Mbooni East, and Kathwonzeni with Pool B having Kilungu, Nzaui, Makueni, Makindu, and Mikaa competing for glory.

Meanwhile, Basketball Girls In Pool A, Nzaui, Makueni, Mukaa, and Kilungu will battle it out and in Pool B we will witness fierce competition among Mbooni East, Mbooni West, Kathwonzeni, Kibwezi, and Makindu.

In Hockey Boys, Pool A will host teams from Nzaui, Makindu, and Kibwezi and In Pool B, Kathonzweni, Mukaa, Kilungu, Makueni, and Mbooni East will vie for supremacy.

And in Hockey Girls, Pool A will feature Kibwezi, Mbooni East, and Kilungu while Pool B will include Makindu, Makueni, Nzaui, and Mukaa.

For Rugby 15s In Pool A, Mbooni East, Nzaui, and Kathonzweni will clash While in Pool B, Mbooni West, Kilungu, Makindu, Makueni, Mukaa, and Kibwezi will battle it out.

Handball Boys, Pool A will witness fierce competition among Mukaa, Mbooni East, and Kilungu. Pool B will be seeing Makindu, Kathonzweni, Makueni, Mbooni West, Kibwezi, and Nzaui competing for glorious victory.

And in Handball Girls, Pool A includes Mukaa, Mbooni West, Kibwezi, Makindu, and Kathonzweni with Pool B having Mbooni East, Nzaui, Makueni, and Kilungu will showcase their skills.

Stay tuned for updates as the action unfolds!

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