Zipporah Eric allegedly reverses 10k for Ndeke ya Muthanga event

Kamba gospel artist Ken Kijana alias Ndeke ya Muthaga has alleged that Zipporah Eric reversed her contribution towards the album launch event held on Sunday at Matuu.

The artist claimed Zipporah Eric who failed to turn up to the event, had sent 10,100 shillings.

Ndeke ya Muthaga went ahead and shared a screenshot of the Mpesa messages through the social media page, showing the reversal transaction.

The artist described Zipporah Eric’s behavior as unpleasing Stating the artist did the wrong thing to reverse the money since it was announced to the congregation during the launch that she had sent 10,100.

Ndeke further mentioned despite the artist reversing her contribution, many artists and her fans supported him strongly and he collected a lot of money from the launch.

He thanked all his fans and fellow artists who unexpectedly supported him.

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