I was married underage and used to ‘eat fare’- Matelemya Hitmaker Zipporah Eric

Zipporah Eric is a Kamba gospel singer and like many other artists, she has a story behind the glory.

In an interview with Robert Mue on YouTube, Zipporah narrated that she was born in Mbuvo, Kathonzweni in Makueni county. She is married to her husband Eric who hails from Kalama in Machakos county.

During the interview, Zipporah disclosed that after school she worked for a sewing company owned by an Indian in Industrial area.

All this while she would sing songs she composed while attending AIC Zion church. That’s where she met her husband Eric who was a guitarist and used to attend AIC Mathare north.

Zipporah added at one glance at the man and in her heart, she knew Eric was the man for her.

“He called me one year after I ministered at their church with the choir. He told me that he wanted to see me, our meeting point was Jack and Jill,” the Matelemya hitmaker narrated.

“We started courtship but most of the time I would ‘eat’ the fare he would send me to meet him but I knew this was my lifetime partner,” she added.

After some time Eric made his intentions to marry her known and she was excited.

However, there was one problem, she was still a minor and her mother was concerned about her little girl getting married.

“I had not even gotten an identification card, believe me when I tell you I got it later. My mom was against the marriage but later accepted and the preparation began and in 2010 November we had our wedding,” Zipporah revealed.

After the wedding, Zipporah’s husband supported her to record songs and that is when her singing career away from the choir began and she recorded her first album “Nishike Mkono bwana”.

Zipporah praised her husband Eric as supportive but very conservative and has only appeared in two of her songs.

The singer revealed that it was not all rosy in the first years of marriage. This is because her husband lost her job while she too was unemployed.

“That was in 2012, our daughter was three months old and none of us was employed. I would go around churches and write a note requesting to sing and sell my first album to get something for food. I did that until 2015,”The singer narrated.

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