Kitui County Secondary Schools Term 1 Games Fixtures

Kitui County Secondary Schools Sports Term 1, 2024 Games are set to kick off from 12th to 14th March 2024 at Nguutani Boys.

In the boys’ handball category, teams from Katulani, Thagichu, Mutito North, Mwingi Central, and Kyuso will battle it out in Pool A. Meanwhile, Pool A for girls’ handball will see teams from Nzambani, Tseikuru, Ikutha, Kisasi, and Mutito North battle for supremacy.

The basketball competition features fierce matchups in both the boys’ and girls’ divisions. Boys’ teams from Muumoni, Lower Yatta, Mutito North, Kitui West, Nzambani, Tseikuru, Matinyani, Kisasi, Migwani, Mutomo, and Katulani will compete across multiple pools. On the other hand, girls’ teams from Katulani, Mutito North, Mutomo, Thagichu, Migwani, Kitui West, Mwingi Central, Matinyani, Kyuso, and Kisasi will showcase their skills in Pool A and Pool B.

In hockey, boys’ teams from Tseikuru, Kitui West, Migwani, Mutito North, and Kitui Central will battle it out in Pool A, while girls’ teams from Kitui West, Kitui Central, Katulani, Kyuso, Kisasi, and Mwingi Central will compete in Pool A and Pool B.

Rugby enthusiasts can expect thrilling matches as teams compete in Pool A, Pool B, Pool C, and Pool D, with schools like Mutomo, Ikutha, Lower Yatta, Mwingi East, Kyuso, Matinyani, and Kisasi vying for top honors.

The tournament promises to be a celebration of sportsmanship and talent, showcasing the dedication and hard work of students from schools across Kitui County. Stay tuned for updates as the competition unfolds, and may the best teams emerge victorious in the spirit of fair play and camaraderie.

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