Kitui County Secondary Schools Term 1 Games winners

Kitui County witnessed thrilling competitions in its Secondary Schools Term Games, culminating in the crowning of champions in various categories. The games, held at Nguutani boys ground from 11th-14th March 2024, showcased remarkable talent among the participating schools.

Kanyangi boys emerged victors in the basketball boys division category while Ikutha Girls clinched the title in the girls’ division, showcasing exceptional skills and teamwork.

In the handball category, Kalonzo Secondary School secured victory in the boys’ division, while Muvitha Secondary School dominated the girls’ division with their impressive performance on the court.

in hockey, Kisasi Boys displayed prowess to claim the title in the boys’ division with Kilinyaa Secondary School emerged victorious in the girls’ division, leaving a mark of excellence on the hockey field.

The rugby 15’s category witnessed an intense battle, with Kitui School emerging as the undisputed champions, demonstrating their strength and strategy on the field.

As the county representatives, these winning teams will advance to the regional level, where they will compete against other top-performing schools, aiming to showcase their skills and bring glory to Kitui County.

The Secondary Schools Term Games not only serve as a platform for sporting excellence but also contribute to the holistic development of students, instilling values of discipline, teamwork, and resilience.

With the spirit of sportsmanship and determination, these champions are set to make Kitui County proud as they gear up for the regional competitions. The community eagerly awaits their success and rallies behind them with unwavering support.

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