Text Book Centre Launches Sh105 Million Book Donation Drive for Makueni ECDE Centres

Text Book Centre (TBC) has announced a book donation drive worth Sh105 million over the next three months, in a bid to enhance early childhood education in Makueni County.

This initiative aims to equip Early Childhood Development Centres (ECDE) across the county with essential learning materials, ensuring children have access to quality education from a young age.

Director of TBC, Chetan Rugani emphasized the importance of providing adequate resources to ECDE centres to promote quality education. TBC will serve as a central collection point for corporate and individual donors, using its branch network and providing logistical support throughout the donation period.

“Education policymakers have increasingly recognized the critical role of ECDE in expanding and improving educational systems. Our commitment to supporting quality education aligns with international goals aimed at enhancing early childhood education by 2030,” stated Rugani during a press conference attended by key officials from the Department of Education, ICT, and Internship in Wote, Makueni.

TBC partnership with the county government was formalized during a signing ceremony attended by Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jnr. The governor expressed appreciation for the initiative, noting that the provision of books and learning materials will benefit approximately 40,000 children enrolled in 1,191 ECDE centres across the county.

Governor Mutula highlighted the challenges faced by many ECDE centres due to widespread poverty among parents. He emphasized that addressing poverty requires investing in education, ensuring that every child has access to essential resources for learning.

“We expect this program to extend beyond the classroom, providing children with books to read at home. Ending poverty begins with initiatives like this, which prioritize education,” emphasized Governor Mutula.

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