Transport Paralysed as River Enziu Floods

Transport has come to a standstill in Mwingi due to flooding of the Enziu River following heavy rains, blocking citizens from crossing. This unfortunate situation has significantly impacted local communities, exacerbating challenges for commuters and traders alike.

The Enziu River’s overflow has once again raised safety concerns after a tragic incident in December 4, 2021. At that time, a 32-seater school bus ferrying over 40 catholic church members to a wedding ceremony was swept away, tragically resulting in the loss of 22 lives.

Despite assurances from the government to construct a bridge over the Enziu River, progress on this critical project remains elusive. The lack of action has left residents worried about their safety during periods of heavy rains, as the river poses an increased risk.

Local leaders and residents are calling on authorities to fastrack the construction of the Enziu River bridge to prevent future tragedies and to restore vital transport links essential for the economic and social well-being of the region.

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