Trees fall along Kathiani-Machakos road crippling transport

Transport has been crippled along Kathiani-Machakos road at Kita in Kathiani sub county after five trees fell due to heavy rains.

The trees blocked the road since morning making car users to find alternative ways to reach Kathiani and Machakos.

Locals told Mauvoo news that this is not the first time the trees have fallen as it happens every rainy season.

They called upon the government through the Environment Ministry to cut down trees near the road posing danger to road users.

“This is not the first time, every time there have been heavy rain trees fallen and it is risky for people using the road. Today is a market day but the road is not usable Traders have to find alternative ways to reach the market,” said a local.

“The trees should be moved away from the road and those near the road cut down to prevent such happenings. We have been complaining for long without any action being taken,”he added.

The residents also expressed fear that if the ongoing rains continue more trees will fall and cause an inconvenience or accident.

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