Matungulu MP angered by Ruto after State of Nation address

Matungulu MP Stephen Mule has queried why President William Ruto did not address fuel prices during his State of the Nation address.

Speaking at a funeral in Kinyui, Mule noted that fuel prices are a  crucial subject that needs to be addressed soonest.

He wondered why in other countries fuel prices were going down while in Kenya it was going up.

“We all know that fuel prices determine the cost of living, if the fuel is expensive so is the cost of living, we cannot bury our heads in the sand and assume nothing is happening. What Kenyans wanted to hear was if prices of commodities will go down,” said Mule.

The legislator also criticized the new payments for Identification cards, marriage certificates, and birth certificates.

He claimed that it will be hard for William Ruto to be re-elected in 2027 because since he got into government Kenyans’ lives have continued to be hard.

According to the lawmaker, the leaders surrounding the president have failed to advise him on the real situation of Kenyans.

On Thursday, President Ruto gave his first State of the Nation address where he claimed his administration was caught between a rock and a hard place as it strives to deliver on promises made to Kenyans amidst tough economic times.

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