Show up in large numbers to be Dewormed Kathiani Residents told

Kathiani Residents have been asked to come out in large numbers to deworm in an exercise that will begin on Thursday in all sub-counties in Machakos County.

Speaking to Mauvoo News during a training program for the Community Health Volunteers Kathiani Subcounty MOH Virginia Nzau called on locals to ensure they get dewormed.

She revealed that the deworming was not for children but for all people aged one year and above.

“We will be giving out dewormers all over Kathiani and other sub-counties in Machakos County. We are targeting people from 1 year and above,” said Virginia.

“Am urging people to be cooperative and come out in large numbers to receive the dewormers. We aim to eradicate worms among people and ensure that people have a healthy lifestyle by washing their hands,” she added.

She went on to call on people to ensure that they practice cleanliness so that they can avoid transmission of the bacteria that causes parasitic worm-related diseases.

Kathiani sub-county is targeting 122,289 people to get dewormed. The exercise will run from Thursday to Sunday.

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