Kitui Central residents Hold Demos against Kitui-Kabati-Migwani road contractor

A section of the road blocked by the residents. (Photo -Joshua/Mauvoo) 

Residents of Mutendea in Kitui Central, Kitui County on Tuesday (1st March) held demonstrations along Mutendea-Syongila road where they blocked the road for several hours paralyzing transport and bringing businesses to a standstill.

The residents claimed that the road has been damaged by heavy trucks from the Chinese contractor Sinohydro corporation that have been passing there to carry ballast. The ballast is used in the ongoing construction of Kitui-Kabati- Migwani road.

The locals stated that the road has a lot of corrugation and dust which has been a great risk to Boda Boda operators using the road and has led to an increased number of accidents on the road.

They demanded that the contractor should water the dusty road every day to reduce the dust spewing from the road which has also led to health complications for those using and living near the road.

“The Chinese came and camped here and the problem is that they are not maintaining the road due to their heavy trucks using the road. What they did is they brought used tarmac and poured here and that has created potholes. The road is impassable and we’ve tried to tell them to repair it all in vain, what we want is the road to be repaired failure to which we will continue blocking this road,” a resident who spoke to Mauvoo News said.

The residents also called on the area MP and political leaders from the area to act so that the road doesn’t bring loss to the people.

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