We will back Uhuru’s 2022 choice if Kabati- Mbondoni Road is completed – Mwingi West MP

A Past photo of Mwingi West Mp Charles Nguna. (Photo-courtesy)

Mwingi West MP Charles Nguna has requested the National Government through President Uhuru to expedite the construction of the Kibwezi-Kitui-Kabati-Mbondoni road which has stalled. According to the parliamentarian, the construction works of the road have stopped a few kilometers before Migwani town and he is pleading with the president to ensure the road construction is completed before the August general elections.

Nguna also stated that if the President will ensure that the road gets to Mbondoni to connect with the Thika-Mwingi-Garissa road, together with the people of Mwingi West they will not have any option rather than to support his political choice ahead of the general elections.

“My people if Uhuru tarmacs this road for us should we support him? Will we go where he wants us to go? That’s the reason you see how people are silent but when the road gets tarmacked and you tell me to go to Nyanza to look for votes we will go.” The Mwingi West MP said.

Speaking at Kamutisya in Mwigwani, Mwingi West in Kitui County, Nguna thanked president Uhuru for the construction of the road saying that after it is completed it will ease transport and open the region to other regions.

“Our president has done a lot of good work for our people and I want to thank him for Kabati-Migwani road but we have one plea to him that we have demolished our shops, our structures and there are serious delays; let us complete the road soonest possible,” Nguna said.

Nguna lamented that they are worried the road works have stopped and the people are asking endless questions yet they are suffering after their buildings were demolished to pave way for the road.

However, he urged the residents to be patient as they wait for the road to be completed.

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