Kitui West DCC Asks Residents to Remain United, warns politicians not to divide Kenyans ahead of elections

John Waithaka the Deputy County Commissioner Kitui West has called on residents to ensure that they live in peace as the country prepares for the general elections. Waithaka revealed that together with his administration will ensure that peace prevails in the sub-county and urged the politicians not to divide the residents regardless of the political stand.

“We don’t want to have conflicts this elections period, if you have a family make sure you tell them before going to campaign for your favorite person because these politics will come and go, we will remain. This thing of saying I belong to this politician will divide us if we won’t be careful. I want when politics comes and ends a neighbor to remain a neighbor, wife to remain, wife because we all have the same problems in our homes and no need to get divided,” Waithaka said.

He called upon the residents to vote in for leaders who think that they will eradicate poverty in the region and bring development closer to the people.

The Kitui West DCC also urged the residents who are yet to receive their covid-19 Vaccination to ensure they do and also those who got one or two jabs to get the booster to be at the forefront fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Even when the pandemic mutates and comes with another strain of Covid-19 when you’re fully vaccinated you don’t fear anything so let’s all accept to be vaccinated.” He urged locals.

Waithaka also urged the residents to take good care of the government projects which are at the grassroots level for the benefit of the people. He cautioned them against vandalism, especially where most people destroy government projects and sell iron sheets as scrap metals which were banned by President Uhuru.

“Let’s take good care of government projects like this road passing here at Kabati and also water projects. Some people tend to look for scrap metals in government projects worth millions of money. If you get such people kindly contact us so that we can come and arrest them,” The DCC added.

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