Katombi speaks after pulling down Sam the Guitar Boy’s song from YouTube

Kamba Benga Singer Alex Kasau Katombi finally spoke days after he pulled ‘Nduanyo sya Aini’ song by an upcoming artist ‘Sam the Guitar Boy’.

Taking to his Facebook page, Katombi said that from his side he won’t tolerate anyone copying his song or beat and pretending that he is doing a cover song or a parody of his song. He said that people should learn to depend on themselves without using others to get known.

“I’m issuing a warning to these boys who are taking someone’s song then they change lyrics and claim that they are doing a parody or a cover song. Whoever will use my song I will delete their channel and I personally look for you to beat you up. Let everyone depend on themselves,” Katombi posted.

The post raised mixed reactions from his followers and here are some of the reactions;

Ngigi Simon said, “You have completely failed on that issue because as long as you are credited and you are earning from that just leave the boys. That’s why we’ve IP act bro, God uses us so that we can lift others. It doesn’t kill to help a brother. Actually, you should be very proud that you’ve been an inspiration to someone. If you’ve 1000 covers ‘na unachukua 50 ama 30% man you are blessed, angalia mbele.”

Jay Lava said,”I support that, ‘Mtu akijisikia yeye n msanii afanye vitu vyake tusiendekeze huu upuuzi vijana wakona uzembe Sana’. Why could you create your own if you’re a musician enough?”

Henry Nzimbi said,” I fully support you in this, have never seen the reason for someone to sample another person’s song and they claim to be artists. I feel that kills creativity since they can’t produce songs on their own.”

Martin Mativu said, “They are doing what Ohangla guys are doing in Nyanza. Let everyone benefit from their own talent and effort.”

Raez Pamut added, “I have been your fan since, but with this, I’ll say you didn’t think. As a brand, you could have called the guy through your management and struck a deal with the boy. This is a talent that you’ve killed, pride comes before a fall!”

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