Mike Mteja explains why he bashed Katungwa in his latest song

Benga Artist Mike Mteja recently released a song about controversial gospel singer Roseline Katungwa.

In a recent interview, Mteja disclosed that he always releases songs meant to criticize people in society who are doing wrong.

He noted that his intention was not to fight the church but those hiding behind the curtains of the church while doing worldly things.

“Even if it was a politician I would have spoken out, anyone who is a public figure ought to carry themselves in a way that seems right before God and man,” Mteja said.

The singer castigated Katungwa for taking advantage of her leaked sex video to release a song instead of lamenting and analyzing her ways and making things right.

The song was a bad idea, when such a thing happens we expect someone to take time and analyze things not go to the studio to record a song hitting at haters, we didn’t record the video, she did, we didn’t leak the video so she should not act as the victim,” Mteja said.

In his song ‘Rosecoco Ndungwa’ Mteja says the singer whose sex video leaked was involved in bad company thus plunging deeper into sin.

In another stanza, he also says that there are gospel artists who are not genuine and with time they will be unmasked.

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