Bisengo questions why Kamba artists fear him

Popular Kamba singer and Producer Toby Bisengo is wondering why other Kamba artists fear him.

In a video shared on his Facebook page, Bisengo narrated that there was a time he was to perform in a certain club alongside other Benga artists.

However, the Benga artist called the owner of the club and said that he could not attend the show if he will perform alongside the ‘Katolo’ hitmaker.

“I have a question for artists from Ukambani, to all fans I ask why do other artists fear me, what do I have that they fear because there is an artist who learned that I will be performing with him at a certain club and called the owner to cancel, “Bisengo said.

“He told the owner that if he will be performing with me then he won’t come. So the owner thought he would lose the band because of me and I became a threat instantly. What is wrong with me?” he questioned.

Bisengo noted that every singer has his or her own fans and he(Bisengo) is a budding artist and there should be no pressure whatsoever between him and other artists.

“I am just an upcoming artist and all the others are pros, stars with great following in the region with an already built name, “The artist went on.

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