Religion has been used for long to instill fear in Africans – Bisengo

Producer and Artist Toby Bisengo alias Papa Bisengo has claimed that religion and western culture has for a long time been used to instill fear in people. In a Tiktok video, he warned people not to fear anything, especially when told the world is ending. He said that fear has been used for a long period of time by the Western people to oppress Africans.

“Fear is a great tool to control the masses, whenever they tell you that the world is going to end and if I keep saying that the world is going to end and put that mentality in your mind that the end of the earth is here then what triggers your mind is that you’ll stop investing, not to work hard, you’ll not even tire to get children because the end of the earth is here,” Bisengo said in the video.

“I’m not here to be against scriptures but I want to tell you how they used the bible as an instrument through our nativity to use it negatively and it worked to bring fear to us. Everywhere in the bible it is packed in stories of fear and portraying God as a supernatural being who is merciless, a God who is willing to kill his children and they used those scriptures to scare us, and up to to date Africans are still in captivity of fear,” he continued to narrate.

The Katolo hitmaker also pointed out that before the fear was instilled in Africans, they never knew about hell or heaven, and what existed to them was just a supreme creator who they worshipped according to their respective communities.

He called upon the Africans to stop being afraid of investing because they are brainwashed that the world is going to end but rather focus on creating the good out of Africa.

“Get out of your fear because you will continue being a refugee in your life where you won’t be able to live happily and invest. Stop thinking that the world is ending, stop thinking you’re going to hell or heaven because the oppressor wanted us to stop thinking and that’s why their countries are rich and some of their wealth is stolen from Africa,” he added.

He stated that the world is going nowhere but we the people are the ones who are going and that’s why we need to better our lives instead of focusing on when the world is going to end.

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