Locals in Ithanga living in fear as robbers take advantage of the ongoing rains

A past photo of residents protesting against insecurity(Photo - Courtesy)

Residents in Ngilelia market in Ithanga, Kitui now fear for their security after a gang of robbers reportedly invaded Ngilelia market and broke into a number of shops.

According to the market dwellers, the robbers, whose number is not yet known, broke into the shops as it was raining heavily and took off with shop items and money.

Speaking to Mauvoo News, the residents called upon security agents and the police to ensure security is heightened as they now fear for their small businesses and their safety as well.

“There was robbery here in Ngilelia market yesterday at around 4 o’clock in the morning as it was raining heavily. One of the shops the robbers broke into belongs to a teacher where they stole items like cigarettes, rolls of tissue papers, sugar, airtime among other items,” Anthony Kaleli, one of the residents said.

Kaleli further alleged that the robbers then proceeded to a nearby bar and broke in through the windows and also robbed the bar leaving the security guard severely injured.

“We have had security problems since last week and we are calling upon the government to deploy more police officers in this area since we only have 2 police officers currently. We are very worried about our safety since the robbers are stealing even if the owners are around without any fear,” another resident who sought anonymity stated.

The locals argued that the contracted security guards in the market have not been paid for a while now and that could be the reason they are no longer guarding the market hence the insecurities.

“There are reports going around that those who have contracted security guards in Ngilelia market have not been paying them and they have not been doing their work of guarding the market at night,” Agnes Mwikali, another resident noted.

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