I’m doing better without Jesus-Bisengo

Producer and artist Toby Bisengo says he does not believe there is Jesus and heaven.

In an interview, Bisengo noted that he was saved for about 20 years and realized that Jesus was a character created by white men.

According to him, he was suffering when he was saved compared to now.

He says that during his Christianity days, he suffered so much that paying rent was an issue.

“I almost became a prophet because I had been trained. For over twenty years I was saved but came to realize the Jesus people believe in does not exist,” said Bisengo.

“Now I have cars, land I have built houses yet when I was saved I could not afford rent, people did not know me,” he added.

The ‘Katolo’ hitmaker declared he does not care whether he will lose fans over his utterances. He disclosed that his true fans who appreciate his music will continue supporting him.

“The only thing I lost after leaving Christianity is Christian followers nothing else,” he added.

The singer also noted that some people thought he had joined Illuminati after his declarations.

He also disclosed his latest hairstyle with a single braid showing rebellion against oppression.

Last year, the artist claimed that religion has for long been used to instill fear in people and control them asking them to enjoy life.

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