‘It’s Gossip-Hell Now’ – Sanita Calls Out Kamba Gospel artists

Benga maestro Sammy Musyoki Mutwiwa alias Sanita has taken a bold stance against the current trend in Ukambani’s gospel music scene, describing it as “gossip hell.” 

In an interview at Mutongoi TV, Sanita, who recently released “Aini Ma Syathi,” song criticized some Kamba gospel artists for turning the genre into a business rather than a spiritual mission.

“These songs no longer bring peace to your soul,” Sanita remarked. “Many gospel singers view the genre as a business for personal gain. What we hear today is not gospel but ‘gossip hell.’

Sanita stressed that authentic gospel music should deliver good news that resonates with the soul, conveying God’s message.

He criticized some Kamba gospel artists for engaging in public disputes and undermining each other to boost their popularity.

“I don’t need to tear you down to rise. I should rise because God is with me,” Sanita declared.

His song “Aini Ma Syathi” confronts this issue head-on, questioning the motives of gospel artists and pastors who put money before their spiritual duties.

 He challenges them to consider which Bible they follow, as their actions starkly contrast with the teachings of Timothy and Jeremiah.

His critique is a call to return to the spiritual and uplifting origins of gospel music, moving away from its commercialization.

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