Yatta leaders holds peace talks after violent demos

Yatta security team led by Deputy County Commissioner Lilian Njagi, held a peace meeting following escalating incidents of violence and property destruction.

Joined by MP Robert Basil and Matuu MCA Julius Mbili Ndawa,Kithimani MCA Paul Mwanzia,the team emphasized their commitment to restoring peace and protecting businesses adversely affected by the unrest.

Basil voiced concerns over the infiltration of demonstrations by criminal elements, attributing the chaos to opportunistic individuals using protests as cover for theft and vandalism.

“We’ve seen a disturbing trend where the Gen Z demonstrations, meant to express grievances peacefully, have turned into avenues for criminal activities, Our priority is to safeguard the livelihoods of our community members and ensure their safety,” Basil stated.

MCA Ndawa echoed these sentiments, highlighting the plight of local business owners who have borne the brunt of the unrest.

“These demonstrations have devolved into chaos, with innocent businesses suffering damage and theft, It’s clear that some participants are not acting in the interest of our community but are rather exploiting the situation for personal gain.” Ndawa lamented.

Deputy County Commissioner Lilian Njagi assured residents that comprehensive security measures would be put in place involving all stakeholders to prevent further disruptions.

Local concerns have surfaced regarding the origin of demonstrators, with suspicions that many may not be from the area but rather brought in from outside regions to fuel unrest.

In the last 2 weeks, protests have been happening in Matuu and other areas.

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