Ngilu speaks on making a political comeback in 2027

Former Kitui Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu has hinted at making a comeback in 2027 after being absent in the political limelight for some time.

Speaking at Nzaini village in Athi Ward, Kitui South Constituency during a fundraiser for the body of Benjamin Mulili which has been held at Montezuma Funeral Home for 7 months over Ksh. 1.7 Million unpaid medical bills, Ngilu said that she will be coming back to Kitui to contest for the Kitui Gubernatorial seat in 2027.

Ngilu who was hosted by Muthama Kieti popularly known as ‘Othoothea’ who is the area MCA for Athi Ward elected on the NARC party called upon the MCA to work for the people who elected him.

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“Serve your people diligently so that they can re-elect you again, I assure you of my full support. I hope that these people will re-elect you and I know you are aware that I will be vying for the Kitui County Gubernatorial seat in 2027, we will be together,” the Second Governor of Kitui said.

During another event at Kwa Mutonga Catholic Church in Kitui West on April 28, 2024, Ngilu also hinted at a comeback in 2027.

She said that the people of Kitui are telling her that they no longer access the government offices that they used to freely access during her tenure and so she will make up her mind well to come and save the people of Kitui.

“They don’t access the Governor the way they used to during my time, the people should access their leaders because it is them who elected them to those offices. Before 2027 I will first look at how things will be… I will come we talk about 2027, I know you remember where we used to converge and talk about these things,” Ngilu stated.

Do you think Ngilu will change the matrix of politics in Kitui when she gets into the gubernatorial race?

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