Malombe speaks after Kiema Kilonzo and Ngilu endorsed David Musila

Wiper Kitui Governor aspirant Dr. Julius Malombe has said that his mission to save Kitui County won’t be stopped even after Governor Ngilu teamed up with Former Ambassador Kiema Kilonzo to support David Musila.

Malombe alleged that Kiema’s cases against him and the Wiper party were being sponsored by Governor Ngilu and Musila and after it backfired, there is no other obstacle that is blocking him from winning in the August polls.

He claimed that after the high court dismissed Kiema’s case against him, Ngilu has since deserted Kiema. He stated that the people of Kitui are tired of having leaders who have no agenda and instead teaming up to see his downfall.

“Kiema was just a point man who was being used against me and when the case backfired he was ordered by the court to pay the damages to us. He was told to pay me and the Wiper Party and when he called the two people who sponsored him to take us to court they switched off their phones and he was left to pay all the expenses,” Malombe alleged.

Malombe reiterated that his name has already been gazetted as the Kitui Wiper gubernatorial candidate and few days are left for the people of Kitui to vote for him as the next Governor. Malombe further claims that Ngilu and Musila used Kiema to drag the court case against him so that he wastes a lot of time in court instead of campaigning.

“Let them feel ashamed because I will be on the ballot because my name is already gazetted on the Kenya gazette, Kaluki withdrew to concentrate on national politics, and Musila by 9 am he will be rejected by Kitui people because the people have decided that they can’t vote for an aged person who should retire and go to Itoloni to take care of his great-grandchildren,” Malombe added.

Malombe called upon Musila to stop what he termed divisive politics in Kitui and wait to retire peacefully. This comes after Kiema’s campaign manager stated that they will be supporting Musila for Kitui gubernatorial seat. Kiema is yet to announce publicly that he is supporting Musila despite his point men decamping to Musila’s camp.

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