Ngilu explains why she skipped Azimio demos

Former Kitui Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu has resurfaced after missing in action since the August 2022 General Election.

Ngilu attended the burial of Pius Musembi in Sultan Hamud, Makueni County.

The ex-Governor who was a strong Raila supporter said that she had heard leaders asking where she had disappeared to and why was she not participating in the demos.

She noted that it was time for the young leaders in politics to go for demos and bring change to the Country.

“I know the work you are doing Mheshimiwa Kalonzo, I know one of the leaders said she can’t see Kaluki where she is and it is true you can’t see me but am not far away. Those who are saying that wamekunywa teargas juzi Mimi nilianza kunywa teargas 1992, let these young ones taste it kidogo,” said Ngilu.

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka who was also at the burial told Ngilu that he would like to see her the next time there will be demos.

“Next time we are demonstrating I want to see you there with me demonstrating, acha hiyo mchezo,” said Kalonzo in a rejoinder.

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