NCCK Chair Archbishop Ndambuki Condemns Athiriver Azimio rally Chaos

Africa Brotherhood Church (ABC) Archbishop and Chairman of National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) Timothy Ndambuki has called for peace during the campaign period in the country.

Ndambuki condemned the chaos witnessed during Raila’s Azimio rally in Athi River, Machakos County over the weekend.

Addressing the press after the installation ceremony of Bishop Samuel Nzoka Lasaro as the New Bishop of ABC Kitui Diocese, Ndambuki said that chaos and violence are not associated with the Kamba community and thus it was a disgrace.

He urged political leaders to preach peace and unity during their campaigns because there is life after politics.

“We want peace as we approach the general elections and those asking for votes should scrutinize the words they tell people to avoid incitement. Let them know the political temperatures of a place before uttering words to avoid bringing violence in political rallies,” Ndambuki said.

He urged people to be at peace because after elections neighbors will remain to be neighbors and thus there should be no division or enmity amongst the residents because even where there is no peace there can’t be economic, social, or religious prosperity.

“We humbly ask the politicians to do their campaigns peacefully and the people of Kenya should not accept to be used to cause violence. I was shocked when I saw what happened in Athi River during Raila’s rally where people nearly fought each other and in front of the visitors and that is not a good show from the Kamba community known to be people of peace,” Archbishop Ndambuki added.

He further asked youths to be at the forefront in ensuring that they are agents of peace and not destruction warning them against being used by politicians to cause violence in political rallies.

Archbishop Ndambuki reiterated that it is a collective responsibility of all the Kenyans to ensure that peace prevails during this electioneering period.

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