Ukambani Clergy defend Kalonzo’s decision to quit Azimio, ask Governors and Raila to respect him

A section of Ukambani clergy called upon the three Ukambani Governors and ODM leader Raila Odinga to respect Kalonzo’s decision to leave Azimio One Kenya coalition.

The clergy affirmed that Kalonzo is the Kingpin of Ukambani and should be accorded with due respect since he has mentored most of the Ukambani leaders politically.

“Kalonzo is our leader and should be respected, all the leaders vying for political seats in Ukambani should respect Kalonzo and those in Azimio we respect them the likes of Governor Ngilu and those in Kenya Kwanza because they are also our leaders. We honor all their decisions and let them stop dragging Kalonzo backward as we look at him to show us directions,” Bishop Peter Mwangangi the chairman of Kamba United Clergy stated.

Bishop Mwangangi also stated that as the Church they are behind Kalonzo since he is from the region and is a staunch Christian and no one should demean him.

“Let’s respect all the leaders in different coalitions because they are our people, when Kaluki is in Azimio when she is given a seat there for the benefit of the Kamba Community we will also be proud. We saw that Raila never gave Ngilu any seat and she has been campaigning for him all over, we wonder what Raila means for the Kamba community and since Kalonzo decided to quit Azimio we will follow his direction,” Bishop Mwangangi added.

The clergy also called upon the residents to listen to all the politicians who will be coming to campaign for elective seats and not to be misled by them.

Further, they urged the Kamba leaders at the top not to negotiate for their benefit but for the benefit of the whole community.

“We want all the leaders in Ukambani to respect Kalonzo’s decision and they should not go to the national level to negotiate for their own benefit because Ukambani has been out of the government for a long time. When Kalonzo is supporting them they see him as a good leader but when he follows his decision they start tarnishing his name. We won’t accept anyone to fight Kalonzo,” Apostle Peter Kathalu added.

The clergy pointed out that they choose to caution the other Kamba leaders against fighting Kalonzo because they are also voters and should guide the community in the right way.

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