Kitui Clergy liken Ukambani Governors to Jezebel, ask them to Respect Kalonzo as Kamba Kingpin

Bishop Mwangangi addressing Wiper Leader Kalonzo and section of Kitui Clergy Kitui town. (Photo- Joshua/Mauvoo).

A section of Kitui Bishops, Apostles, and Pastors have defended Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka from attacks by Ukambani Governors.

Speaking when they met Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka, they revealed that Governors Mutua, Ngilu, and Kibwana have been instigating Raila not to choose Kalonzo as his running mate, and this is creating division in Ukambani.

The clergy members stated that even if they differ in principles with Kalonzo, they should respect him as God’s chosen Kamba kingpin.

“They are going to Raila and start saying that Kalonzo is not a good leader, we won’t accept that spirit of Jezebel. If we cast out demons, we will chase that spirit in Ukambani because they should respect Kalonzo. When we despise and start insulting our leaders, even God will hate us as a community because of politicians who are insulting Kalonzo,” Reverend Joseph Nganda said.

They also called upon all the political leaders vying for seats in different political parties to ask for votes and shun insulting Kalonzo because he is the chosen Kamba leader. The clergy also pledged their support to Kalonzo. They requested him if the Azimio government gets to power to empower them because many of the leaders despised the religious leaders.

“We are too much spiritually empowered than with resources; we have our Sacco’s across Kitui county of Pastors and Clergy; we request that we have policies that can be drafted from the National level to empower the existing SACCOs and fellowships to help us,” he added.

They affirmed that they command many people in the evangelical wing since they have 3,000 pastors registered in their wing. They also claimed they command a congregation of over 120,000 people and are a good number that can vote in someone or vote out someone; thus, they should not be belittled.

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