Kitui County Commissioner and Clergy Message to the Residents ahead of Kitui Prayer Day

Kitui County Commissioner Mbogai Rioba has welcomed Residents of Kitui to come in large numbers for prayer at Kitui Bus Park.

The prayer is organized by the National Prayer Council across the 47 counties to pray for peace in the country ahead of the August elections.

Rioba called upon the political leaders to be at the forefront in maintaining peace during their campaigns and requested the residents not to be used by the politicians.

“The prayers will be held on the 13th of May at the Kitui bus park to pray for peace for our country before the election, during the elections, and beyond and I would like to invite all the people, especially the politicians,” Rioba said.

The chair of Kamba United Clergy who are the main hosts of the event, Bishop Mwangangi called upon the residents of Kitui and Kenya at large to have peace and unity as they prepare to vote for the right leaders.

He also urged the politicians not to cause chaos during their campaigns and welcomed them to the prayer day because they are the main people who will be campaigning to take up political seats after the August elections. “

I thank the office of the county commissioner for welcoming us in preparing for the function of praying for our country because there is a need for peace since before and after elections, we have Kenya. I also ask the youth not to be given bad things like drugs to cause chaos and to support those who will bring development. I call upon all the churches in Kitui on Friday to meet at the bus park to have joint prayers for our country,” Bishop Mwangangi stated.

Various political leaders from Kitui are expected to attend the prayer day.

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