Kitui Catholic Bishop New Year Message to Kenyans

Bishop Joseph Mwongela addressing the media at a past function. (Photo- courtesy)

Bishop Joseph Mwongela of the Catholic diocese of Kitui has sent out a new year message to all Kenyans as the country heads to the 2022 general elections.

“I thank God for showing us this new year of 2022 which will be a year of elections for all our political leaders in the country, I would like to ask all the Kenyans to pray to God to give us the wisdom to choose the good leaders.” The Bishop said.

Bishop Mwongela also warned the Kenyans against being incited by the politicians who are seeking to be elected.

“God chooses the good leaders when we hope in him and let not anyone divide us,” he added,

“Last year was a tough year where Covid-19 pandemic affected many things; schools were closed and when they have opened the learners were subjected to the tight school calendar and as a result, the parents felt pressed because more school fees was needed.” He went on.

The Bishop also affirmed that due to the pressure exerted on the learners, many children were involved in immoral behaviors such as drug abuse and the urge to burn schools due to fear of exams.

“I would like to call upon all the Kenyans to pray for our country for God to protect it in the best way and let’s not allow anyone to incite us during the elections time. Let’s fight to eradicate the social injustices in our country.”

Bishop Mwongela also called upon the youth to shun away from evils that may derail them and also prevent the country from moving forward.

“Let’s love each other and be peacemakers for our country to prosper,” he added.

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