Opinion Polls are Fuelling Incitement – Kangundo MP claims

Kangundo MP Fabian Kyule Muli now claims Opinion polls are fuelling incitement in the country ahead of the General elections.

Speaking at Kangundo after opening classrooms in different schools the MP said that during the period the polls are being released by companies on who is leading, anxiety and mixed reactions are being stirred among Kenyans and it is not good as the country heads to the polls.

He claimed that most of the companies are out to con politicians and lie to the people that the politicians are popular and the others are trailing behind because they may have given them money to be ranked top.

“These opinion polls by some companies are fueling incitement amongst people. Everyone now is opening a company that is releasing polls and you find they ask only one or two people and it’s is not fair,” The MP Claimed.

“We know most of them are out to con people. The information they are disbursing some of it is influenced and this is not good for the country especially now when we are at the peak of elections,” he added.

On matters education, the legislator asked all stakeholders in Kangundo sub-county to come together so that they can improve the education status of the sub-county.

“From the watchman to the principal we need to ensure that we participate in our education in the sub-county so that we can improve it to higher standards,” He went on.

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