Mwingi Bishop hits at Raila over Madoadoa remarks

Bishop Robert Mutemi addressing faithful in Syongoni, Mwingi West. (Photo- courtesy)

Bishop Robert Mutemi of Global Vision Church in Mwingi, Kitui County has hit at ODM Raila Odinga over his Madoadoa remarks made in Wajir last week.

Mutemi urged politicians, especially those vying for presidency to advocate for peace and not sow hatred.

Speaking during the ordination ceremony of Pastor Peter Muvea, Bishop Mutemi, who is also a former nominated MP, called upon the politicians to sell their manifesto to Kenyans and leave alone the people to make their own decisions instead of influencing them on who to vote for.

“Those who are contesting for the presidency, you’re not doing us good by speaking hate speech to the people. The language of madoadoa didn’t make us happy; tell us what you will do to us Kenyans and bring development to the people,” Bishop Mutemi said.

Bishop Mutemi also rebuked President Uhuru’s remarks when he launched ‘attacks’ on the church leadership and warned other politicians to stop attacking the church and to focus on their manifestos since talking ill about others, and the church will not help the people.

He called upon Kenyans not to be divided by the politicians who come to them as helping them yet looking for a job to benefit themselves.

“Politicians are jobless people looking for jobs. When you see them coming to you begging to get a job and then make you part ways and create hatred with your neighbor, know that the politicians don’t hate each other in real sense they love each other behind the scenes,” he added.

Bishop Mutemi also requested the people to listen to the politicians coming to sell their manifestos and later make sober decisions and vote for the best leaders and warned the people of unnecessary divisions because of the politicians.

“The time of politics of insults is over, time for demeaning one politician is over, what we want to know is what you will do when you become elected by your people and how you will eradicate poverty. We want politics with a direction and vision that can make us be assisted to become better people, and if you can’t do that, excuse yourself from politics,” he reiterated.

Last Friday, ODM leader Raila Odinga defended his madoadoa remark that he made during a rally in Wajir. While addressing the crowd in Kisumu, Raila said that he was misunderstood and asked forgiveness for anyone who misunderstood him.

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