Kitui Central MP and Kiema Kilonzo plead with Government to act on increasing cost of living

Kitui Central MP Makali Mulu has called on the National Government to lower food prices and act on the high cost of living since most Kenyans were languishing in poverty.

While addressing the media at Our Lady of Protection Museve shrine in Kitui Central during the requiem mass of Major General (Rtd) Michael Mulwa Munyoki, Makali also urged Kenyans to live in peace as the general elections approach to avoid post-election violence.

“We know that the cost of living has increased and life is now hard where we are also witnessing our Boda Boda people being pressured by the government, and also the fuel prices have risen. I would like to request the government to intervene to see how they can help our people instead of punishing them,” he said.

Makali confirmed that the economy has been dramatically affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and is yet to recover fully and that the country had witnessed unreliable rainfall in most parts of the country; thus, the people have been forced to adapt to the harsh economy.

“This is the time that the Government should intervene and look into things that can be changed to reduce the high cost of living instead of raising them. Things that can lead to increased food prices should be avoided at all cost for our people to live a decent life because our people have suffered enough,” he added.

Makali’s sentiments came after the fuel prices were increased by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) on Tuesday, March 14th, 2022.

Former Ambassador Kiema Kilonzo and Kitui Gubernatorial Aspirant reacting to the high cost of living in Kenya called upon the government to cushion fuel prices and ensure that the people are not exploited at the expense of other things.

“The cost of food prices and fuel has risen at an alarming rate, and we are not seeing the cost of living rising together with people’s salaries. Kenyans are finding it hard to get their daily bread. The fuel prices increased due to the Russia-Ukraine war, but the government concerned about the welfare of the people should help their people because they are struggling to make their ends meet,” Kiema stated.

Kiema requested President Uhuru to listen to the people of Kenya and reduce the food prices together with fuel prices to ensure that the common mwananchi is not suffering due to the tough economic times.

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