Machakos residents express concerns over the increase in fuel prices

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) Monday released the new prices for fuel across the country for the next one month. The price of a liter of super petrol and diesel rose by 5 Ksh to reach a historic high. 

Mauvoo News reached out to several residents of Machakos town to get their reactions over the same.

According to Zacharia a Taxi operator in Machakos, they will be affected highly by the increased fuel prices saying that they might have to increase prices on their services to cushion themselves.

“For us, we do taxi work. As fuel prices go high, we have also to go increase how much we charge.”Zacharia said.

After increasing the fares, Zacharia expressed concerns that they may get fewer customers compared to the number of customers they have been getting.

“We will lose our daily customers because now the fuel prices are high, so our charges will increase making it so difficult for the common mwananchi to afford. ” A seemingly worried Zacharia expressed fears.

Magdaline Musiva a transporter said, “But why? We will now pay more on fuel to transport goods from one town to another. The Government should have reasonable prices.”

“As Kenyans, Covid-19 hit us hard. Now fuel prices are hitting us twice. The cost of living is so high. Do you want us to die? No, No, No. This will make us starve.”Angela Ndulu added.

Machakos County Women Rep Aspirant Rita Ndunge Ndunda told Mauvoo News that as aspirants they will also be feeling the pinch as it will be expensive to fuel their vehicles as they have to traverse different areas seeking votes.

“We are now in the campaign season. Fuel prices have gone high. It will be so expensive for even aspirants to meet the electorate. There is a need for the government to revisit the fuel prices.”Rita Ndunge said.

EPRA attributed the increase in fuel prices to a double rate jump on imported crude oil amid fears of global economic shocks from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

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