Mwingi: 4 families in distress after kin brutally killed in Dadaab

Four families from the Larger Mwingi community have been thrown into mourning again after three people from Mwingi West and one from Ngomeni, Mwingi North were brutally attacked and killed by unknown assailants at Alinbogiri in Daadab, Garissa county.

The four whose bodies had multiple gunshot and stab wounds were attacked while asleep on Friday 7th June 2024 when they were sleeping at a construction site, 10 kilometres from Daadab.

“When we were preparing our breakfast at home we got a phone call from Daadab informing us that our brother had been killed. We started crying together with the wife and children of our brother because we didn’t expect such a thing to happen. We have now received the body from Daadab, we call upon the government of Kenya to ensure that there is security all over in Kenya because our people will continue being killed in our own country,” Catherine Muli from Nguutani in Mwingi West said.

Francis Musila who also lost his brother in the heinous gunshot incident lamented how the security organs have been reluctant to ensure there is adequate security in the Northern Region adding that it is sad that those who have been killed are non-locals.

“I’m deeply saddened by the loss of our brother because he was brutally killed and he had not done anything bad. We have now started fearing the areas because when our people go to work they are eventually killed and our government is not intervening to salvage the situation,” Francis added.

The killing comes barely a month after seven others from Mwingi lost lives following an IED attack in Elwak raising the concern about the state of security in the Northern part, especially for the non-locals.

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