Bisengo: Kambas should stop ‘worshipping’ Wilberforce Musyoka

Producer Toby Bisengo has cautioned the Kamba Community to ‘stop worshipping’ gospel artist Wilberforce Musyoka and demeaning other artists.

Bisengo posted a video on TikTok clarifying why all the artists should be respected and avoid heaping praises on Wilberforce Musyoka in a way that seems like they worship him.

“Wilberforce is not better than me, I see him as my fellow musician but he is not as talented as me because he can’t play guitar, keyboard, drum set, or vocals without help. I’m a one-stop music supermarket because I have mentored more musicians than him, but Wilberforce can’t show you any artist he has ever empowered,” Bisengo claimed.

The Katolo hitmaker said that there is nothing special with Wilberforce so people should stop worshipping him because they will come to finish him. He said that he respects him as a gospel musician but that doesn’t mean that he should worship him yet other gospel musicians are also composing good songs.

“The people who ‘worship him’ are messing with him because you should not worship a fellow man. Those who keep saying that Ukambani has one gospel artist are doing a lot of injustice to him because you will make God finish him because God cant share glory with humans; that’s how they finished Chibalonza so if you want Wilber to live long just respect him but not worshipping him,” Bisengo stated.


Acknowledging the other gospel artists, Bisengo said that all who sing to glorify God’s name are all gospel musicians and so people should shun demeaning other artists yet they are still singing gospel songs in their way.

He added that all gospel artists are equal and no special artist in his life. “There is no top gospel musician in Ukambani, all of them are okay and there is no special musician. Wilberforce is not special, he is only doing good music, he has a good voice and he is consistent in making sure that his songs are almost similar to maintain his brand sound, melody and beat. He has also incorporated Ohangla beats in his songs but there those who when using Benga beats in their gospel songs are seen as evil,” Bisengo added.

Producer Bisengo also revealed that he is a big fan of Wilberforce Musyoka, and follows him on all his social media platforms despite him (Wilberforce) having not followed him on any social media platform because ‘he thinks that he is very special’. Bisengo also revealed that he was the one who built his brand when he was starting his music career, he was the producer of his first songs that made him known to people.

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