Mwalyo: Mutua was a better governor than Wavinya

Masinga MP Joshua Mwalyo has come out guns blazing stating that Governor Wavinya Ndeti has failed in her work.

Speaking on Monday, Mwalyo said that the former Governor Alfred Mutua did so much work within little time compared to Wavinya who has no tangible projects to show.

He noted that although Mutua was castigated a lot he had satisfactory plans for the county and made sure he achieved almost all of them in his tenure.

“We have long-lasting projects that can be seen which were done by Mutua, Three major roads one which he did in three months. For the current government, we have nothing to smile about,” Mwalyo noted.

The lawmaker said that the county government should not fight him for pointing out errors in their service delivery.

“I said our hospitals have no drugs they came and said I was lying yet it was true. They gave out seedlings for planting to less than 200 people in my constituency which has over 160,000 locals. They should learn to straighten their mistakes instead of ganging up to attack those criticizing them,” Mwalyo added.

“We won’t allow few handpicked leaders chosen to fight for the governor to deter us from ensuring public funds are not wasted by the county government,” he went on.

The MP noted that only a few people close to the governor are enriching themselves while the locals of Machakos continue to suffer.

“If you look at the 40 wards a certain family has been given the contract to desilt the dams, we are not fools when we speak out because no single person from Masinga got the contract,” said the legislator.

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