Kitui: Chief Nursing Injuries after Being Shot by Bhang Peddler

Miambani Location Chief is nursing injuries after being shot with arrows by a bhang peddler.

Addressing the press while in hospital Chief Muthoka Kilonzo said that he had gotten information from locals about the bhang peddler and together with his assistant chief they raided the home of the bhang peddler who is known as Simon Nziu.

Upon arrival, they managed to get 50 kilograms of the substance but they were unlucky as the owner started shooting them with arrows causing them to surrender the bhang and flee for their lives.

“We went to Mung’ang’a to arrest a bhang peddler together with my assistant chief and when we arrived at his place he had some boys with him, he had a lot of bhang and when he saw us he took some of it and ran away. When he ran we took the one he had left behind which was about 50kgs,” said Chief Muthoka.

“About 200 meters from his home, he came back with his brother carrying bows and arrows and panga, they shot at us, I was shot with two arrows and my colleague was beaten with a panga. They told us to surrender all our belongings and we did so,” he added.

The two chiefs are now receiving treatment at Kitui Level 4 Hospital as police look into the matter.

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